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"Hey Willie, has there been a new newspost since the comic's last update?"

Sunday , March 3 , 2002


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March the 3rd, 2002.

Yeah yeah yeah. It's been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time. (THAT's to see who's culturally literate!) But we're gearing up to restart. Only "we" is defined differently these days.

David's bowed out. He's way too good of a student to have time for this sort of thing. As I wasn't about to pick up a pencil myself, I went recruiting. And lo and behold, a new artist! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Jana Wu! <applause> You can see some of her art here. Very Asian for the most part (which makes sense for someone who grew up in Hong Kong), but not quite the same as all the others of that ilk. This should be interesting.

We've already gotten one strip penciled. This has promise, it does. I'll let you know when things start getting ready to happen on this here page. Shouldn't be long, this time. (Though I don't exactly have a good history on making those sorts of statements...) Oh, and it may not still be all that semi-autobiographical stuff I was blabbering about before. We'll keep you posted.

I so need to make a links page. Someone bug me about making a links page.

Song Recommendation of the Moment: Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band - Samba del Gringo

December the 25th, 2001.

Merry/Happy Christmas, everybody. And don't complain if you're not a Christian; I'm a Jew, myself. As an American, I celebrate the season and the holiday, regardless of my Semitosity. It's a cultural thing. And it's not like I'm even thinking about that one guy.

Yeah, so David says he's up to drawing nowadays, if I'm up to delivering scripts. Oh yeah? I see how it is! IT'S ON NOW, PUNK! STEP UP!

But I still have a thing or two to do before I let him take over the visuals...

Song Recommendation of the Moment: Brave Combo - Feliz Navidad

December the 9th, 2001.

So, yeah. That's Rebecca. She turns three in 6 days, but that picture's a few months old. I basically just randomly tweaked settings in my image editor, and that happened. I kinda liked it, so you all get to see it. Oh, and thanks to my dad (Howard Geffen) for initially scanning in and cleaning up the original (not that either of us knew I'd use it for this...). And to Rebecca, for being so stunning! I mean, geez, she's a natural!

Yes, she's not white. She's Chinese. And she likes music. And technology. And people. And spicy food. And animals. And she basically just rocks the house (not to mention completely dominates it).

December the 7th, 2001.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's... PEARL HARBOR DAY!... Well it is...

I'm writing this before even beginning Friday's filler. I have no idea what it's gonna be. We'll all be surprised! As for the real stuff, there's still no telling.

Also, get this: the UT Campus Computer Store won't be getting our special $5 student-issue Windows XP CD's until December 19, the day when we on-campus people have to be out of the dorm by 9 AM. Whoever is responsible for that fact needs a good smackin'. Rawr.

December the 5th, 2001.

It's a strip! Sorta. David's swamped with finals, so drawing time is scant. And as Richard (that's me) apparently cares less about schoolwork, he threw together a nice little filler strip to tide us all over until we can start being more regular. I plan on making more of these things, unless there's public outcry against it.

If you're just joining us, welcome! You haven't missed much.

I'm gonna see about getting a message board set up one of these days. However, Keenspace has been having problems with their user information database (the page for which is where I believe one registers for a board), and so they shut it down. They say it'll be back up this week sometime... If I get desperate, I'll go somewhere else, but I'd prefer a Keenspace board. For the moment, if you want to comment on anything, suggest ideas, bitch and blather, etc., write either of us at the addresses posted below this newsbox. I'd link them again here, but then I'd be pandering to your laziness. I mean, would it kill you to scroll a little further down, instead of expecting instant gratification at my expense? Gevalt!

By the way: I stole the general style for my stick figures from my buddy Chris Schock's old webcomic, the Styx. I did a guest strip for him once (a long long long long time ago). He's since shut down the strip, but the archives are still up...

I love you all.

November the 27th, 2001.

Wow, these biological terrorists are getting absolutely DEVIOUS!

More comics soon, we swear.

November the 13th, 2001.

Well hello! Welcome to the brand-new webpage for SPQR, an online comic by David Marquez and Richard Geffen! Richard here, with our introduction. SPQR is intended (as of now, anyway) as a semi-fictitious account of life in the Quad dorms at the University of Texas at Austin. We'll be adapting real-life events and characters into our little world, but if you're not a Quad resident (or even a Texan, for that matter), don't fret! The things that go on here are universally entertaining. We're gonna try our best not to fill this strip with inside jokes and obscure allusions to local phenomena. In other words, all are welcome to read and enjoy!

This first strip's background, if you're unaware and curious: When we first had the idea for this strip as a Quad-based one, we posted flyers around the dorms which explained our concept and asked for ideas from whoever was willing to give them. Most of the flyers promptly remained blank. Some started showing snide commentary or random notes of various sorts. One of them first had "SATAN" written multiple times on it (by a friend of ours, who is portrayed in the corresponding panel of the strip), and then later on someone crossed that out and wrote a big long spiel about Christianity and how we should all give ourselves to Jesus. Well, THIS wasn't gonna be the final word in THESE dorms (they're full of honors kids, and as you may know we like to spout off about controversial topics), so someone else crossed that part out and wrote a rebuttal. THEN, the original Jesus person crossed THAT out and wrote a reply. Things were getting out of hand, and rather hostile, so I crossed it ALL out and wrote something along the lines of, "I will not let our message sheet become another trite college religious debate." Then someone tore it down. Bah.

When we get more strips done, we'll let you know. Our posting schedule has yet to be finalized, so we'll also let you know about that when it happens. Thanks for dropping in!

Write us. We're lonely.

--- Jana --- Richard ---

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